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"running between the raindrops" - nyc on a rainy afternoon

So Sunday past I hit the streets for a photostroll. Within a few minutes it was pouring. Undaunted this daytripper popped open her bumbershoot and started shooting.

The title "running between the raindrops" is something my dad used to say all the time.

rainyday 024

rainyday 084

rainyday 074

rainyday 062

rainyday 081

rainyday 054

rainyday 071

rainyday 053


  1. Hi Frances. I was wondering if you would mind if I could use your phrase 'Running Between The Raindrops' for a story I'm writing for my blog. I will give you full credit. I got the idea for the story after reading your post. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh wow. What a beautiful blog and awesome photos. For some reason red umbrellas make me happy. Thanks for the pictures!


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