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Urban Art

New Yorkers are an expressive lot, and they don't always confine their efforts to the typical media.

When I was eight we moved from the old walk-up on 106th Street to a newly constructed building on West 97th. No more ancient fire escape; this apartment came with a 36 foot terrace. Said terrace was industrial grey, which immediately displeased my Italian grandma.

"Franzee Franzee go outside and draw some bella fiori on the floor - roses."

What fun it was to paint giant red and yellow roses, with a pathway lined with muli-colored daisies. The terrace floor stayed just that way until Grandma left that apartment for the last time in 2003. Though faded my thirty-four year old fiori were still quite visible.

Since 2000 I have photographed quite a bit of what I like to call Urban Art.

Here's a few bits from my personal album.

11222009 018


photostroll051009 039

graffiti truck 02

Truck - Union Square

Lower East Side Eye 02

East Village Wall Art

Red Shoe - Soho

Red Shoe II - Soho


Trendy Trash

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  1. whoa that zebra face looks almost 3d adn yet doe with those flat acrylics? Pretty talented for sure.

    BUt what you didn't show was a photo of your faded rose! Can we see that too? :)


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