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Frances D is female, nearly forty-eight, and has been blogging/photoblogging about herself & New York for nearly ten years. When she was a child she wanted to grow up to be a stage actress as well as an artist, musician & writer.  Hers was a business-oriented family, so those dreams were not encouraged.  In August of 1998 Frances was introduced to something called the Internet.  Soon after she discovered blogging, and hasn't stopped since. Her daughter and only child Josephine, a recent leukemia survivor, is her personal hero. Frances is truly delighted to be working with her blog buddy Lissa on the daytrippers.

Lissa is a camera-toting dreamer who does not like to write about herself even in the third person. When she was young, she wanted to be a musician or at least someone who can play the piano or guitar and be able to brag about it but sadly she did not succeeded. Like most families, she was encouraged to get an education in which she could acquired a job that pays the bills. However, that did not squashed her creativity. She is forever, starting one creative project after another and even if she never finish any of them, she is fine with that. She is equally delighted to work on the daytrippers with her blog buddy, Frances.