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Happy 2010!

01012010 008

Just saying it, "Twenty Ten," makes me feel good. I spent part of New Years Day strolling around town camera in hand. The city was quiet. Quite a few folks were off, and the weather was nice, so many of us were downtown to see who was open.

01012010 006

Not every store was, but the ones that were had some amazing clearance sales. Believe me I took advantage of ever buy one get one free, buy two and get two free & coupon I could get my hands on. But of course I left one hand free for shooting.

After shopping I strolled down to Madison Square Park where everything is not quite so green anymore. Faded flowers and bare branches don't make me sad; after all it's the natural order of things. The same for holiday decorations that have served their purpose.

01012010 015

01012010 024

01012010 019

When I started to take the photo of the bench there was an adorable squirrel sitting on the corner of it. As usual when I pressed the shutter button...

01012010 020

I was so persistant, that he decided to be a sport.

01012010 022

Lissa and I are already working on photos for upcoming posts. I am really looking forward to working with her, and sharing with all of you.

May all your dreams come true.