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Easter Photostroll

Photos by Frances / click on image for a larger view.

It was as perfect as a Easter/Passover/Celebration of Spring Sunday can get in New York.

I started my photostroll by heading for Central Park, meeting Charlie the Lhasa Apso along the way.
He's likes to wave at the camera. 

In the park itself I had my first groundhog siting.  I thanked him/her for the early spring, and photo opp, and was on my way.

Quite a few snapping turtles live in the park's reservoir, and I caught one swimming.

Beneath a tree I stopped to admire a smooth stone engraved with the letters GRR. Is it marking the final resting place of a beloved pet? where two lovers met in secret? I love a mystery don't you?

The pathways were filled with joggers, bikers, photographers, sketch artists and lots of people just walking around grinning.

I exited the park at East 90th & Fifth - Museum Mile.

The cup-caked shaped building is the Guggenheim.

The wonderful chalk drawings are the work of an unknown artist.

The beautiful green statue another mystery.  She lives in a narrow space between two apartment building. Another mystery. I love photographing statues, and architecture of all types.

Churches are great photo opps on Easter Sunday or any day actually.

I eventually hopped a train downtown to visit Bapu aka Gandhi at Union Square Park. Aren't the flowering trees the perfect background? 

I ended my day at the Mac store checking out the new iPad. The salesman is posing for a pic with our website on the screen. And no I didn't buy one - yet.

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